Philo Barnhart

Disney Artist

Years Active

1979 - Present

Known For

Secret of NIMH
Star Trek
Little Mermaid

Philo Barnhart Born of Dale Barnhart and Phyllis Barnhart.was considered a Disney brat. Philo's hand has touched many, many animated TV shows and feature films.
have you heard of Super Friends? He work on that. Star Trek the Motion picture? He work on that. Smurf, Jem and the holograms, Space Ace, Dragons lair? The 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo. YES HE WORK ON ALL OF THEM! we could spend hours listing more titles and the answer would be"HE WORKED ON THAT!"


  • Punkin's Imagination

    Story Boards

  • The Tale of Tillie's Dragon

    (additional layout artist

  • Beauty and the Beast

    key assistant animator: Gaston, Lefou, Lumiere, Footstool, Wardrobe - uncredited

  • Roller Coaster Rabbit

    assistant animator

  • The Little Mermaid

    character designer

  • The Secret of NIMH

    character key assistant