Ashley Beck

Visual Effects, Stunts, Actor

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Ashley Beck is known for his work as a Fight stunt double for Michael Fassbender in the “Assassins Creed” movie, “Darth Maul” in the new (soon to be released) “Battlefront 2” Star Wars online game, stunt doubled Luke Evans “Dracula: Untold” for the fights, Iron Man in “Iron Man 2” in the race track fight. Also appeared in Game of Thrones, Justice League, Legend of Tarzan, American Assassin, Kick-Ass 2 plus many more.

A professional Stuntman, Ashley has trained all his life in different Martial Arts styles and acrobatics to become who he is today. A former 3 x World Forms and Weapons Champion, nothing stops his determination to become a better performer and improve on his skills.

Ashley has already had the chance to work on some major TV & Film productions and met some great people along the way, not to mention being an experienced Motion Capture Artist,
he's very versitle when it comes to getting the job done!

After qualifing for the British Stunt Register in 2011 and continuing his training, Ashley is now experienced and progressing in a number of skills including Trampolining, Gymnastics, Scuba Diving, High Diving, Rock Climbing and his Martial Arts and Tricking abilities.


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