Craig Muckler

Producer, Writer, Actor

Years Active

1979 - Present

Known For

"Craig Muckler's Hollywood Showcase"
Jason Of Star Command
starring Craig Litler
Sid Haig

"Craig Muckler's Hollywood Showcase" was well-known as an entertaining source to discover the REAL Hollywood in the 80's and we're confident it can play that role again!

Craig Muckler was born in 1953 in the Mesabi Range town of Virginia, Minnesota. He was born with a stutter and a determination to overcome it. His childhood was influenced by a regular summer visitor, the mother of Rock Hudson, and he and Rock became close friends.
Craig moved to Los Angeles to make it in show biz. He was part of the company that produced "Malibu High" and then succeeded with the cult classic "Microwave Massacre" -- now one of the Top 10 Cult Films in the World. His latest film, "A Taboo Identity", is a documentary about an actress gaining a new perspective on life after being involved in Adult Film industry and is currently playing on Netflix.
In the early to mid 80's, "Craig Muckler's Hollywood Showcase" ran for years on Group W TV in Santa Monica, CA. Among the guests Craig had on the show: comedian Jackie Vernon, actors Aldo Ray, William Sanderson, Misty Rowe, Bo Svenson, Tracey Walters, Brinke Stevens and Joe Estevez. Behind the scenes, guests included director Allan Holzman, composer Susan Justin and many special effects artists working in film at the time. A pilot was produced for FOX TV in 1990. Fox chose, instead, to go with "In Living Color."
In 1987 Craig had a chance to produce Stephen King's "The Mist" for a major studio, shooting it in Northern Minnesota, but the studio funding was halted when another film by Ken Russell (Lair of the White Worm) went over budget by 2 Million dollars and the deal fell through.
The return of "Craig Muckler's Hollywood Showcase" in 2019 will embrace the latest technology to showcase personalities who will delight and entertain a New Generation. Cult film fans, especially, will enjoy the guests and special features we have planned. Presenting clips from the Original show will entertain those who miss the 80's and also produce interest in the styles and issues of the day. Segments are planned about the progress of Craig's career NOW: Groundbreaking Films in development, future Fan Conventions around the world and News from the important contacts he has maintained in the Film Industry.


  • Charlie Lives: The Family's Return


  • Ripped to Shreds


  • The Harbinger

    Associate Producer

  • Speaking Through the Silence


  • A Taboo Identity

    Executive Producer

  • MNShorts


  • Ripped to Shreds: A Night in the Woods

    Executive Producer

  • The Flesh Merchant

    Associate Producer

  • Microwave Massacre


  • Malibu High

    Coordinating Producer

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