George Papadimatos

Actor, Producer

Years Active

2009 - Present

Known For

The Deuce
Mommy's box

George is a jack of all trades. Born and raised in Mineola, NY, George is an actor and stand up comedian (SAG-AFTRA and AEA). He is also a world traveler and a comic book expert (especially Spiderman!!!). He recently accomplished one of his biggest goals, to land a role in a comic book movie/TV series, by booking a co-star role on the hit Netflix series Daredevil. He can be seen in season 2 episode 6, playing the role of Elektra's Chauffeur. Being a huge comic buff, George hopes this opens the door to other Marvel Universe roles. ‚Äč

George is a classic film and sports buff (particulary Baseball). Seriously! Ask him anything...! And he's known as George from Mineola "Biggest Yankee Fan in Mineola" on WFAN Sports radio.

George was inspired as a child by many actors, especially James Cagney, Steve McQueen and Robert DeNiro. Two of his biggest comedic influences are Lou Costello and Jack Klugman. He also is a HUGE fan of the modern day comedic style of Kevin James and hopes to work with him someday soon!

George has studied acting with Academy Award nominee, Chazz Palminteri, as well as taking classes at Kimball Studios, Susan Batson, HB Studios, Weist Barron and Improv at UCB. He has starred in many theatrical productions, including "Two Gentlemen of Verona". He also landed lead and supporting roles in numerous TV shows and independent films, including a Greek speaking role in the indie film "Mommy's Box". The film is now available on Amazon, and will be out in select theaters in December 2016! He also had a guest starring role in the web series "Marcello".

George is a very versatile performer. Besides his ability to play many dramatic roles, He is no stranger to comedy. He has a wide range and is able to charm you and make you laugh one minute and scare the pants off of you the next!

George has performed as a stand up comic in many venues in NYC, including The Broadway Comedy Club and The New York Comedy Club. His show is a tribute to his late Dad, Jimmy, and is about growing up in a Greek family. His natural flair for comedy along with his stong stage presence and mimicking/impression skills are what made him a success as a comedian immediately upon his stage debut.

He was recently in a fitness infomercial, and a controvertial play named "The Three Joys of Mary", which is being made into a film.
He also worked on a pilot starring and directed by Tom Humbert, called "Wholly Broken", along side soap star, Terri Conn and legendary singer, Martha Wash.
George is currently working on a one man show based on his Hero and Inspiration, His late Dad, called "The Stories of Mister Jimmy", with hopes of making it into a film.

Keep an eye out to see where he pops up next!!!


  • The Deuce

    Detective Braden

  • Wholly Broken

    Heckler #1

  • Riding the D with Dr. Seeds

    George the Passenger

  • Mommy's Box


  • Daredevel


  • Best Laid Plans

    Bud Eagle

  • Frostbite

    Cop 1

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