Gil Gerard

Actor Producer Director

Years Active

1956 - Present

Known For

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Gilbert "Gil" Gerard was born on January 23, 1943 in Little Rock, Arkansas, and did a good deal of acting in high school. He attended the University of Arkansas but dropped out before graduation. He landed a job as an industrial chemist. He became regional manager of a large chemical company, headed by (1967-1971) Arkansas Governor "Win" Winthrop Rockefeller. After a few years, Gil's employers said they would name him the firm's vice-president if he pursued his master's degree. Gil resigned rather than tell everyone he did not have a college diploma. He moved to New York where he studied drama by day and drove a cab at night. By chance, Gil picked up a fare who showed a lively interest in the problems of unknown, unemployed actors. Before that passenger left the cab, he told Gil to report in a few days to the set of Love Story (1970), which was being filmed on location in New York City. When Gil arrived on the "Love Story" set, he was hired as an extra. Later that day, he was singled out for a "bit" role, which eventually wound up on the cutting room floor, but Gil now had his first professional credit.


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