Mike Mundy

Actor, Special FX Make-up Roles

Years Active

2011 - Present

Known For

The Walking Dead

Mike lives in Atlanta where he works, as an actor whenever possible! His most recent notable appearance includes the television show The Walking Dead, where his eyeball was showcased in the opening shot of the season 3 premiere. The shot pulled out to reveal "Grandpa Walker," who soon succumbed to a fire poker in the head gifted by T-Dog.

Mike has also appeared in movies such as "FLIGHT" with Denzel Washington, "42' THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY, "with Jewel in "RING OF FIRE - THE JUNE CARTER CASH STORY and with Kate Hudson in "THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST"

In his free time, Mike enjoys cooking, being with friends and family, watching movies, traveling, etc...


  • The Walking Dead


  • The Walking Dead


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